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Vaporetto Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner with 10 Accessories

Vaporetto Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner with 10 Accessories

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Our steam cleaner is the only brand sold in the USA proven to DISINFECT (totally kills germs) with just ordinary tap water: no need to use chemicals, detergents . Green-clean your home with super heated steam thanks to its real steam boiler that produces 275° F and 43.5 PSI of high pressure with a steam flow rate of 1.4 oz. per minute; includes a safety cap for your protection (cannot be removed when pressurized) . Comes with the most complete set of accessories already included so you can clean many different parts of your home, patio, BBQ, car, windows, and office . Super portable and lightweight; designed to be handheld; compact so it’s easy to store wherever you keep your everyday cleaning tools . 1-year warranty . For allergy sufferers: earned the British allergy foundation seal of approval for killing dust mites and reducing allergens . High Quality Protection Plan:

Clean your home or office with the power of Super Steam from Polti, the steam appliance leader in Europe for 30 years. The Vaporetto Easy, a best-seller, is effective in cleaning many different things with just ordinary tap water. It’s lightweight, super portable, easy to use with just one hand, and can be stored on a shelf. Yet it produces super steam that just melts away grease, grime, and dirt. In the office, it’s the most amazing way to clean dry-erase whiteboards, making them look brand new. The super heated steam produced by the Easy means you can clean without the use of chemicals, detergents and pesticides, which can leave residues that may harm your family, pets and the environment. Special accessories allow you to clean virtually every surface with scrubbing brushes, pointed lances for hard to reach areas and even a flat-surface squeegee attachment that is perfect for windows, dry-erase boards, mirrors and more. The steam boiler reaches 275 degrees Fahrenheit at a high pressure of 43.5 lbs. per square inch that is sufficient to totally kill Staph, Salmonella, eColi, fungus, bacteria that causes Sepsis and Pneumonia, and Flu (Influenza A). Other steam appliances only claim to address a few different germs and only “up to 99%”; Polti products have been proven to totally kill these pathogens in independent laboratory tests.

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