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30 in. 1000-Watt Linear Proportional Convector Baseboard Heater

30 in. 1000-Watt Linear Proportional Convector Baseboard Heater

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New electronic proportioning thermostat, with CSA-C828 compliant control (+/-0.5oC/1oF), RF transceiver for on-board temperature control and heater-to-heater telegraphing . Faster heating of the room than a conventional baseboard due to rapid vertical laminar air flow, directing heat to the ceiling, speeding dispersal of warm air into the center of the room . Improved performance and reduced length through use of top heat discharge and new fin design . Superior shark-fin blade design on a steel tubular element for improved heat transfer and longer life . Discreet styling, reduced length and added versatility of placement provide more options when designing a room . Full length automatic overheat reset for safety . Optional wall mounted remote control for multi-heater temperature regulation . Finish - specially-formulated epoxy/polyester powder coating is environmentally friendly and resists fading and abrasion . Heating element - a nickel chromium element is totally enclosed within a steel sheath, providing superior life expectancy and resistance to rust, shark-fin shaped aluminum fins are firmly staked in an upright position to provide directional wicking for top discharge heat transfer . Controls and wiring - supplied with an installed electronic proportioning thermostat for CSA- C828 compliant control; an RF transceiver for remote heat control and whole-home temperature syncing, wall mounted remote control for user convenience (optional accessory) . Installation - easily removed front caps; knock-outs on both sides of the convector; and pre-stamped mounting holes make installation easy . Applications - all residential applications, commercial offices, lobbies, washroom . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Dimplex 30 in. 1000-Watt Linear Proportional Baseboard Heater has a innovative sleek and compact design. This revolutionary heater has a built-in electronic thermostat with heat proportioning for improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Dimplex baseboard heaters are the ideal heating solution for any area of your home.

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