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Continuous Cleaning Cartridge (2-Pack)

Continuous Cleaning Cartridge (2-Pack)

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Keeps your humidifier cleaner, longer . Simply drop in tank for fresh, clean mist . Keeps cleaning for up to 30 days . Works in virtually all humidifiers . Kills bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors . Package contains 2 ProTec cleaning cartridges

The ProTec Antimicrobial Cleaning Cartridge features a patented antimicrobial, Aqua stat that continuously works to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold as well as help prevent the buildup of slime in the water and humidifier surfaces. Aqua stat contains no harsh chemicals or harsh acids making the cleaning action just as gentle as water on your humidifier surfaces and components. In addition, the ProTec Cartridge contains no harmful chemicals while providing fresh, clean mist.

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