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Polyblend #122 Linen 25 lb. Sanded Grout

Polyblend #122 Linen 25 lb. Sanded Grout

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Residential and commercial applications . Submerged conditions (swimming pools, spas, water features and fountains) . Curing time is affected by ambient and surface temperatures and humidity . Refer to the technical data sheet for suitable tile types . Sample colors shown may vary from actual grout, final installed shade can differ based on tile type, porosity, job site conditions and finishing techniques

Polyblend Sanded Grout is a polymer-modified, cement based grout that produces hard, dense joints that resist shrinking, cracking and wear. Formulated for durability, Polyblend Sanded Grout accommodates 1/8 in. ­ 1/2 in. (3 mm ­ 13 mm) joints for interior or exterior installations. Can be used on all types of installations including floors, countertops, walls, ceilings, showers, fountains and pools.

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