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Paw Paw Tree

Paw Paw Tree

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Produces medium-sized, edible fruit . Full sun to partial shade . Requires more than 1 tree to pollinate and produce fruit . Mature size of 15 ft. to 20 ft. tall x 20 ft. wide

The Paw Paw is a great choice if you are looking to add a dash of the tropics to your yard or garden area. The leaves of the Paw Paw are large and drooping with a tropical look to them. In April and May the small tree produces beautiful large flowers before producing medium-sized, edible fruit. The fruit has an unusual taste, somewhat like a mix of banana, pineapple, and mango. The tree is smallish, growing to only about 15 ft. to 20 ft. high and 20 ft. wide. It has a rounded, upward growth habit that works well for group planting. The Paw Paw prefers full sun to partial shade and loose soil. It is hardy in Zones 5-9 and requires more than one tree in order to pollinate and produce fruit.

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