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40-Piece Patio Plant Watering Kit

40-Piece Patio Plant Watering Kit

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  • $ 2098

Eliminates the need to hand water free-standing planters and patio pots . Water goes to the root zone which helps prevent water evaporation . Easy to assemble and connect to your outdoor faucet . Each kit contains: (1) Pressure Regulator with 1/4 in. Tubing Adaptor, (10) 1/4 in. Stakes with Bug Caps, (2) 1/4 in. Barbed couplings, (10) Tubing mounting clips, (5) Spot watering emitters 2 GPH, (5) Spot watering emitters 1 GPH, (8) 1/4 in. barbed tees and 25 feet of 1/4 in. Tubing

Rain Bird's Patio Plant Watering Kit is an easy and convenient way to water your container plants and keep them looking healthy. The kit helps eliminate watering by hand, making it easy to water your plants consistently for faster plant growth, longer lasting blooms and greener leaves. Just turn on the faucet to water all plants at once. Or add a hose-end timer (purchased separately) for automated watering. The kit includes tubing, water connections and staked watering devices with bug caps for up to 10 planters. Easy to assemble – just attach to faucet, cut tubing with scissors, connect and place the staked watering devices.

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