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98.4 ft. (30-Meter) Replacement Probe for Camera/Scopes

98.4 ft. (30-Meter) Replacement Probe for Camera/Scopes

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  • $ 1,54900

Heavy duty industrial quality . Super bright LED lighting . Professional camera imbedded on tip . Flexible soft metal, forward-view probe . Measures 98.4 ft. (30M) . Probe diameter 5.5 mm . Ideal for HVAC, plumbing, automotive and other industrial applications

Let General's High-Resolution Video Borescopes be your eyes inside inaccessible or potentially dangerous areas. The flexible camera probes will peer into a cylinder head to inspect for engine damage or check behind a wall for insect infestation. Obedient and soft metal replacement probes for the DCS1600 and DCS1800 Video Borescopes. Replacement probes are available in either 3.9 mm or 5.5 mm Dia and range in length from 0.75 m (2.46 ft.) to 30 m (98.4 ft.). Our Line of Professional Inspection Camera/Scopes and Accessories offers a full line of optional and replacement probes and offers the world's slimmest borescope probe, equipped with a video camera and adjustable LED lights imbedded in its tiny head. It is ideal for the inspection of tiny spaces in aircraft inspection, engine check-ups and other high-demand industrial inspection applications.

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