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One Flush Septic Treatment 3 Month Supply

One Flush Septic Treatment 3 Month Supply

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1 flush is the most powerful and effective septic treatment product available . 3 months supply per package . 3 reminder calendar tags . Drop in one pack per month to release billions of beneficial bacteria that digest septic waste . Good for tanks up to 1500 Gal. . Safe for all pipes, septic tanks and leach fields . 1 pack of 1 flush = 141 bottles of 8 oz. liquid septic treatment products

One Flush strength counteracts the Anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners that tend to kill many beneficial bacteria needed to make septic systems run properly. One Flush, originally developed for municipal waste treatment facilities contains 8 strains of bacteria that eat Septic System Sludge: 4.7 Billion Aerobic Bacteria/Gram and 5.0 Billion Anaerobic Bacteria/Gram.

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