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800VA 475-Watt UPS Battery Back Up Tower AVR 120-Volt USB RJ11 RJ45

800VA 475-Watt UPS Battery Back Up Tower AVR 120-Volt USB RJ11 RJ45

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Supports entry level PCs up to 60 minutes during blackouts to enable shutdown without data loss . Regulates brownouts as low as 89 volts back to usable levels without using battery power . 6 UPS battery supported/surge protected outlets, plus 1 additional surge suppression-only outlet . Built-in HID-compliant USB port and PowerAlert UPS power management software (available via free download at and cabling provide monitoring of in-depth site power conditions, full UPS status and fault warnings, and output load level . HID-compliant USB port also enables direct integration with built-in power management and auto-shutdown features of Windows and MAC OS X . Single line phone/Ethernet suppression jacks protects standard dialup/DSL, or Ethernet connections . Audible alarm and 4 front panel LEDs offer complete UPS and line power status information . 800VA/475 watt power handling ability supports a variety of sensitive electronic equipment . Offers 3.5 minutes battery runtime with a full load and 11.5 minutes with a half load . High Quality Protection Plan:

Tripp Lite's OMNIVS800 line interactive UPS system offers voltage regulation, surge suppression and long lasting battery support for personal computers, inter-networking equipment and other sensitive electronics. Offers complete desktop power protection in an attractive black tower configuration. Supports battery replacement via built-in access panel.

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