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5 in. Plastic Shim

5 in. Plastic Shim

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  • $ 599

Leveling shims have been designed to slide under the DRIcore panel to adjust for uneven areas on the concrete floor . Slide the leveling shims into place on the underside of the panel where the height adjustment is necessary . Leveling shims can be installed between 2 panels, if necessary . In some cases, you may need to stack leveling shims together (maximum 4) to get the right height adjustment needed to level the panel

These easy-to-use slide-in design leveling Shims are designed for use with DRIcore Subfloor R+. These plastic leveling shims are designed to help level DRIcore Subfloor R+ panels up to 1/4 in. These shims require no cutting or gluing to work with your DRIcore Subfloor R+ panels.

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