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5-gal. Seal and Finish

5-gal. Seal and Finish

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  • $ 14064

Ideal for patios, walkways, basements, etc.; not recommended for driveways/garages . Clear, non-yellowing, low-gloss; breathable; water-based, VOCs below 100 . Ready to use; can touch-up or recoat; no acid etching required . Work from the container-do not pour product onto surface to spread . Online Price includes Paint Care fee in the following states: CA, CO, CT, MN, OR, RI, VT

Lock in the look of fresh concrete or masonry with Rust-Oleum OKON Seal and Finish. When applied to horizontal, light-use surfaces, this sealer deeply penetrates to provide easy-to-clean, water- and stain-resistant protection. It can also be applied over or under other concrete coatings or as a protective layer over concrete stains.

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