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22 in. x 22 in. Heavy Duty 1 Gal. Oil Absorbent Drum Topper

22 in. x 22 in. Heavy Duty 1 Gal. Oil Absorbent Drum Topper

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Continually attracts and captures - petroleum (crude and refined), brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, transmission oil, paint (oil and water based), cooking oil, fuels (diesel, gasoline, jet and hydrocarbons), etc. . Works on land and water - will not sink even when fully saturated . Lightweight and easy to handle . Saves time - quick, one-step clean up . Instant absorption power – no need to wait for effect unlike traditional absorbents . Efficient – 1 lb. absorbs 1 Gal. . Green product – proudly made using recycled materials . Non-toxic and does not harm the environment . Reusable . Environmental friendly - successfully reviewed by the U.S EPA and the California department of fish and wildlife

Monarch Green Oilinator 22 in. x 22 in. Drum Toppers fit standard drums with convenient, form fitting design perfect for drum use and access even with the drum topper in place. The outer fabric, equally oleophilic (oil attracting) and hydrophobic (water rejecting), creates a wicking process and with the 100% recycled INCREDISORB compound inside, the combination ensures petroleum related substances are absorbed to the maximum saturation point. This proprietary Monarch Green patented technology allows each Drum Topper to immediately absorb up to 1 Gal. and more of oil and other related substances.

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