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Cel-Fiber 100 Gal. Heavy Duty Universal Absorbent

Cel-Fiber 100 Gal. Heavy Duty Universal Absorbent

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Continually attracts and captures - new and used motor oil, fuels (diesel, gasoline and jet), crude oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission oil, radiator fluid, brake fluid, paint (oil and water based), cooking oil, bleach, blood and other biologic fluids, metal working fluids, etc. . Lightweight and easy to handle . Saves time - quick, one-step clean up . Instant absorption power – no need to wait for effect unlike traditional absorbents . Efficient - 1 lb. absorbs nearly 2 Gal. (Product weighs 50 lbs. and absorbs 100 Gal.) . Green product - proudly made using recycled materials . Non-toxic and does not harm the environment . Environmental friendly - successfully reviewed by the U.S EPA and the California department of fish and wildlife

Monarch Green Cel-Fiber Universal Special Absorbent will absorb water based fluids as well as oil based fluids at an amazing two to one rate. The Cel-Fiber Universal Special Absorbent is made from 100% natural, biodegradable, high-grade recycled materials allowing an ultra-high fluid holding capacity absorption rate. Monarch Green Cel-Fiber technology allows for an incredible nearly 2 Gal. per pound absorption capacity. Accordingly, this 50 lb. bale made from recycled material will easily absorb 100 Gal. of your oil or water based spills, a true universal absorption wonder.

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