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15.5 in. Silver Classic Style LED Desk Lamp

15.5 in. Silver Classic Style LED Desk Lamp

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  • $ 1978

Bright full-spectrum light. 600 Lumens + 5000K color temperature . Ultra energy efficient, only 8-Watt of power consumption (compare to a 50-Watt light bulb) . Super long life led bulb. 35,000 hours operating time . Save up to $168 over the lifetime of the LED bulb vs incandescent bulb, (average 3 hours usage per day) . Energy star qualified

The epitome of classic desk lamp style, now with 21st century technology. While the style has always been affordable, Newhouse Lighting has poured quality and top technology into this classic design. Just when this lamp thought it was time to retire; it's been given new life and now it's begging to be called to action. With its new led technology, this lamp is ready to be your desk mate for the next 35,000 hours (that's 24 years of normal use). All while being energy star rated and merely sipping electricity compared to the power hungry lamps of years past. Feel good knowing that you are saving electricity (money) by choosing this lamp over dated halogen, incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps. Make the switch to LED today. Make mother nature proud.

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