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75 ft. High Performance Gold Plated HDMI Cable

75 ft. High Performance Gold Plated HDMI Cable

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  • $ 11999

Durable #26AWG construction . CL2 rated for in-wall installation . Embedded redmhere chipset boosts signal over thinner wire, no external power necessary . Suppots full 4K video and audio transmission

This 75 ft. Triple Shielded CL2 HDMI Cable features the RedMere chipset to boost transmissions over a greater distance without the need for external power supplies. The chipset in this cable is easily powered by HDMI outlets found in output devices. It supports ARC, Ethernet Channel and full 4K Resolution transmission with speeds up to 10.2Gbps. The triple shielding wire, 24K gold connectors and CL2 rated jacket additionally provides enhanced performance for long distance connections and in wall installation between TVs and video sources.

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