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12 ft. Ultra-High Definition 4K Pro HDMI Cable with Ethernet

12 ft. Ultra-High Definition 4K Pro HDMI Cable with Ethernet

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Transfer speed of 18Gps ensures seamless video, audio and data transfer with minimal buffer time for ultra-high definition televisions . Cable is designed for ultra-high definition televisions that support 4K resolution, which is 4X clearer than the current 1080p flat panel TV’s . Extra features like gold plated connectors with aluminum casing covered by a braided finish ensure extra protections, 100% oxygen free copper cable and triple shielding significantly reduce corrosion and outside interference . Pure pro braided HDMI cable is built and guaranteed for life

NTW Pure-Pro Ultra-High Definition 4K 12 ft. HDMI Cable supports highest resolution HD audio and video at 4X the clarity of 1080p and is compatible with lower resolution formats of 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. Transfer speed of 18.0Gbps ensures fastest reliable picture, sound and data streaming. Connectors are 24k gold plated with aluminum covers to resist corrosion and the cable is covered with an extra braided layer, and tripled shielded to significantly reduce outside interference. This cable with Ethernet eliminates the need for multiple cables and is very easy to install. Designed for new ultra high definition 4k television and is excellent for gaming.

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