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4,500-Watt Gasoline Powered Electric Start Portable Generator with Wheel Kit

4,500-Watt Gasoline Powered Electric Start Portable Generator with Wheel Kit

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  • $ 46349

Durable 7 HP, air cooled engine with low-oil shut-off . Super-quiet muffler reduces engine noise . Heavy-duty steel frame with fully isolated, 4-point engine mounts for smooth and quiet operation . All steel, 4 Gal. fuel tank with EZ-Read gauge with estimated 8-hour run time . Full power panel with 12-Volt, 120-Volt, and 240-Volt output . Max AC output: 4500-Watt . Rated AC output: 3500-Watt . EPA approved engine . EZ-start recoil and electric start . New improved all-terrain never flat tires . All new high impact interior/exterior packaging insures your generator will get to you in 100% factory perfect condition . Rest assured, you're buying a quality unit at a low price from one of the largest generator sellers . High Quality Protection Plan:

Built to Last, The MX4500E features a rugged frame constructed of heavy duty steel with four fully isolated vibration dampening motor mounts for a surprisingly smooth and quiet operation. The heart of this power plant is the dependable 7 HP DuroMax overhead valve engine. It's designed to be extremely easy for anyone to start, just a turn of the key or a quick pull of the EZ-start recoil gets it going. With its 4 Gal. fuel capacity this environmentally minded EPA approved unit will run a full 8 to 12 hours on a single tank of gas. This time may vary depending on the load you're running. The unique exhaust design coupled with the frame dampening allows it to run at a comfortable 69 dB, that's quite enough to hold a conversation next to it without raising your voice. Suitable for campgrounds and public parks. Another added feature is its low oil protection system which will automatically shut the generator off to protect it from any damage should it run out of oil. The MX4500E series alternators use quality all copper windings, an advanced automatic-Voltage regulator (AVR) system, coupled with a rock solid brush design. This tried and true combination ensures maximum steady power output and years of trouble free service. The DuroMax MX4500E series, is not only the essential generator to safeguard your family, but can provide you power when needed for work and play as well.

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