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Router Plunge Base for MR23-Series

Router Plunge Base for MR23-Series

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  • $ 9999

Trigger control system conveniently located in handle for enhanced control . Afterlock microfine depth adjustment for easy and precise bit depth adjustment at any plunge setting . Smooth plunge action, spring-lock plunge lever and depth rod for easy and precise plunge routing . Wide 3-5/16 in. base opening and 2 in. sub-base opening accepts larger bits . Used with MRC23EVSK, MRF23EVS and MRP23EVS

Bosch is the leading innovator in professional routers. Among the many enhancements on Bosch routers are the quick-release motor clamps, above-table depth adjustment, Precision Centering Design, Afterlock Microfine Depth Adjustment and our revolutionary new Trigger Control system. Plunge base with fine adjustment knob and on/off switch located in the handle.

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