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175 Amp Double-Pole 10 kA Type MD-T Circuit Breaker

175 Amp Double-Pole 10 kA Type MD-T Circuit Breaker

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Branch circuit breaker for Murray single phase load center . Main breaker for certain meter main or meter combinations . Require 4 panel spaces, 2 adjacent and 2 opposite . Available with interrupting rating of 10 kA, 22 kA, or 65 kA . 120/240-Volt AC . Wire range #4-300 kcmil Cu/Al . Shunt trip available, use "ST" suffix

The circuit breaker family MD-T offers the latest in thermal-magnetic circuit breaker design. In this design the handle returns to the center (trip) position similar to our other thermal trip circuit breakers. With a thermal sensing design and blow-off contacts, this circuit breaker offers a higher level of protection because the circuit breaker trip time adjusts to the temperature of the attached wire, while keeping the magnetic characteristic that assures a quick trip under high current conditions.

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