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Additional Samples Accessory Pack

Additional Samples Accessory Pack

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  • $ 1997

Includes: 2 air sample cassettes, 1 tape lift surface sample, prepaid return mail envelope . Must be used with My Mold Detective mold test kit . Test additional rooms, test for friends and family, test seasonally . Expert analysis and support is the mold in your air normal, slightly elevated or elevated . Additional lab fees required

Have you already purchased a My Mold Detective Mold Test Kit and need to test for mold in additional rooms, perform seasonal mold testing, perform testing for friends and family, then you need a My Mold Detective Accessory Pack. The Mold Test Kit Accessory Pack comes with 2 air sample cassettes, 1 tape lift and prepaid mailing envelope to submit the samples collected. Note that only one outdoor air sample is needed with each set of indoor air samples. This means that you can group accessory packs to test more rooms than performing each individually. With two accessory packs you would have 4 total air samples. You would use one as an outdoor air sample and then test three rooms.

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