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Mold Test Kit 1-Room Kit

Mold Test Kit 1-Room Kit

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15 l reusable air testing pump - not a rental, you own it, great for seasonal testing and testing friends and families property . Professional grade technology - 2 spore trap air cassettes, lab results include concentration levels, as well as presence of mold . AIHA accredited lab analysis and professional support- is the mold in your air normal, slightly elevated or elevated and what to do next . Fast and easy to use – 5 minute sample time, independent lab results within 3-days . Tests air inside your property and compares it to air sample outside, standard practice . Additional lab fees required

Finally a Mold Test Kit that tests for mold exactly like the professionals do. My Mold Detective’s Mold Test Kit utilizes spore trap air cassettes to sample for mold in your breathable air. Same technology used in schools, hospitals, elderly living facilities and nurseries. My Mold Detective’s Mold Test Kit is not another petri dish mold testing kit, that uses outdated technology and delivers unreliable results, it is a professional grade product engineered to provide a simple 3-step Do-It-Yourself process. Now you can stop ignoring the musty odors, allergic reactions and occupant complaints and give the air you breath the attention it deserves. Feature: Re-usable 15 l Air Pump which collects measurable quantity of air (not an unreliable petri dish that uses gravity) Benefit: Consumer test results are identical to what Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Professionals receive when testing in homes, hospitals and schools. Feature: Kit includes 2 air sample cassettes. Benefit: Used for comparing indoor air quality with the outdoor air quality which is the same method used by all IAQ professionals. Feature: Kit includes 1 tape Lift sample. Benefit: Used for testing mold suspected surfaces – identify what is growing on walls, ceilings, vents, furniture or personal property. Feature: Spore trap air cassettes technology. Benefit: Measures not only for the presence of mold but also the concentration levels of mold on a microscopic, spore-size level. Note: Additional Lab Fees Required.

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