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RCH Electric 24-Volt Youth Mini Bike

RCH Electric 24-Volt Youth Mini Bike

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  • $ 27999

Reliable 24 Volt 7 Amp electric motor . Rechargeable and replaceable batteries with built in battery charger . 2 stage safety speed limiter 6.8 MPH and 10 MPH . Cast aluminum wheels, adjustable handlebars . Run time up to 45 minutes and 6 miles . Motorcycle-style throttle control with charge indicator

Our RCH Racing MM-eRCH is a rugged and durable electric micro mini bike decked out like the big boys. The MM-eRCH is built like our gasoline-powered mini bikes. Its frame is made of the same materials as our go-karts and larger mini bikes. You can customize your MM-eRCH with Ricky Carmichael (#4), Carey Hart (#46) or Ken Roczen’s (#94) RCH Racing Team numbers.

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