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MegaLite Gray 30 lb. Crack Prevention Mortar

MegaLite Gray 30 lb. Crack Prevention Mortar

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  • $ 4197

Formulates with CustomLite technology . Isolates cracks up to 1/8 in. . Non-slip formula supports large, heavy wall tiles . Non-slump for heavy tile and stone floor application . Dries in 24 hours

MegaLite Crack Prevention Mortar is a strong and flexible powder mortar mix for walls and floors. MegaLite offers the ultimate in bond strength for the most demanding installation requirements with the flexibility to withstand horizontal substrate movement up to 1/8 in. (3 mm). It is 40% lighter than other mortars, providing excellent handling characteristics while still covering the same amount as a 50 lb. bag of traditional mortar.

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