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Blue Strapless Magnetic Attaching Knee Pads with Industrial Caps

Blue Strapless Magnetic Attaching Knee Pads with Industrial Caps

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  • $ 2995

Patented strapless design - no more chaffing, pinching or loss of circulation . Eliminates back of knee pain and offers complete freedom and mobility . Powerful magnets attach through pants making Magnee lightweight, flexible and shock absorbing . For the tradesman, contractor, homeowner and handyperson . Patented dual pad technology - twice the protection, twice the comfort . Multipurpose usage; all surfaces, flooring and gardening . Hypoallergenic, soft moisture-wicking material . Magnee hard caps - heavy duty protection for extra hard surfaces

The world’s first Strapless Magnetic Attaching Knee Pads. Magnee eliminates the need for uncomfortable straps on knee-pads forever. Prevent the painful pinch, sweat and reduced circulation around the back of the knee when using the typical strapped knee-pad design. The unique, patented design of Magnee allows the user to place a comfortable and thin pad inside the pant leg atop the knee area. Then by using powerful rare earth magnets, a matching pad outside the pant leg connects both pads to each other - with the pant material between both pads. Magnee comes in 2 colors (black and blue) and in 2 styles - Standard Homeowner (100 Series for smoother surfaces) and Industrial Professional (200 Series for construction).

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