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Economy Mini Alarm Clock with Hidden Spy Camera

Economy Mini Alarm Clock with Hidden Spy Camera

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  • $ 6900

Video resolution: 640 x 480 28 fps . Viewing angle: 72? . Storage: MicroSD cards up to 16GB, 1GB consumed every 30 minutes . Battery life: 2-3 hours . Charging time: 4 hours . Compatible with windows up to Win8 and Mac . High Quality Protection Plan:

You and your spouse want to go on a date night, but you are nervous about leaving the kids with a babysitter. You worry if the babysitter is feeding the kids the right floods, playing with the kids nicely, putting the kids to bed on time, and any other number of things. The Mini Covert Nanny Camera is the covert device for you. This functional clock can sit on the kid’s nightstand, in the living room, or in the kitchen and never raise suspicion. With this professional model, you can record up to 3 hours of 640*480 resolution video using either the continuous video recording mode or the motion detection mode. The camera is even capable of a 72º viewing range so it can follow the movements of anyone who walks through the room. When it comes to storing all this vital footage, the covert nanny camera supports MicroSD card storage ranging from 2GB–16GB. Not only is this a covert camera, but it also features an LCD display that shows the time and can even be set for an alarm, which may even help the babysitter when it’s time for dinner or time for bed. So next time you and your spouse want to go out, be confident that you can ensure the children’s well-being even while you’re away.

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