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16 oz. Ultimate Polish

16 oz. Ultimate Polish

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Rich polishing oils add a deep, rich, wet look to paint . Eliminates fine swirls, perfecting the paint prior to waxing . Safe on all glossy paints, including clear coats . Maximizes gloss and deepens color . Use right before applying wax

Restore optimum gloss and reflection with Meguiar's Ultimate. It eliminates compounding haze and finishes flawlessly using the same micro abrasive technology found in Meguiar's Ultimate Compound. Meguiar's Ultimate Polish removes light imperfections and leaves paint wax-ready. Meguiar's Ultimate Polish is an excellent general purpose car polish or finishing polish. Used on paint in good condition, Meguiar's Ultimate Polish removes light swirls and water spots, while deepening paint color with rich polishing oils. It can be used any time your car paint looks dull or lacks gloss. Used after Meguiar's Ultimate Compound, Meguiar's Ultimate Polish makes an outstanding finishing polish and removes any final flaws to create a deep gloss. Use this combo on all types of paint, including clear coats.

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