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3/8 in. Feeder Connector

3/8 in. Feeder Connector

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  • $ 299

High impact plastic feeder push-on coupling . Works with all Miracle-Gro or Element soaker hoses . Easy to use, simply cut soaker hose to desired length and push on the EZ-Connect coupling . Comes with 1 feeder EZ-Connect couplings per package

This Element Feeder Push-On Coupling can be used with any Miracle-Gro Soaker System or Element Soaker System as a replacement part or add-on. The tough high impact plastic on these Feeder couplings is strong enough to endure daily use, so you can maintain a lush lawn and garden with ease year after year. Part of the EZ-Connect System which allows you to completely customize your soaker layout by using a combination of Male, Female, T and Feeder EZ-Connect couplings. Feeder couplings connect directly to your hose and allow you to split the incoming water in 2 different directions.

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