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MetroLENRD Bass Traps - Charcoal (8-Box)

MetroLENRD Bass Traps - Charcoal (8-Box)

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  • $ 32999

High density, open-celled acoustical foam . Absorbs low frequencies to smooth out a room's overall bass response . Yields a more balanced listening environment by controlling bass build up and cancellation through out a room . Will not deteriorate or crumble apart over time . Partially formulated out of soy components to reduce petroleum based chemical usage in an effort to curb dependence on fossil fuels

The MetroLENRD Bass Trap is a triangular-shaped bass trap that fits into room corners and/or wall/ceiling junctures perfectly, and provides outstanding low frequency sound control. Based on the design of our wildly successful original LENRD Bass Trap, the MetroLENRD gives a fresh look to a reliable, unbeatable acoustic sound absorber. Plus, it's available in all 12 Auralex colors.

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