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Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensing LED Ceiling Light (2-Pack)

Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensing LED Ceiling Light (2-Pack)

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  • $ 3452

100 Lumens of bright LED light covering over 260 ft. . Auto shut off after 30 seconds of no motion detection . Motion sensor can detect movement from up to 20 ft. away . Typical battery life of 1 year or more . High Quality Protection Plan:

Attach a ceiling light anywhere: in your closet, stairway, attic, basement, utility room, porch, gazebo, garage or shower. Mr Beams offers simple installation with no wiring and no electrician needed. Mr Beams stick anywhere ceiling lights turn off automatically after 30 seconds of no motion, conserving battery life. The ceiling light instantly turns on when it detects motion, and can detect motion from as far as 20 ft. away with a of field of motion detection optimized for ceiling mount application. The bright power LED provides 100 Lumens of bright white light. A custom optical design is used to intensify the light by focusing it where it is needed.

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