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80 lb. Concrete Mix

80 lb. Concrete Mix

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One 80 lb. bag of maximizer yields 1 cu. ft. while an 80 lb. bag of regular concrete yields 0.6 cu. ft. . May be used in standard concrete mix applications . 5,500 psi in this product compared to 3,500 psi of regular concrete . Outstanding strength of 5500 psi, making it the strongest all-purpose concrete mix

This product's specially manufactured aggregate material and higher volume of cement yields a mix that gives you 67% more coverage than regular concrete mix. Maximizer Concrete Mix is a pre-blended, ready to use mixture of concrete sand, expanded shale and clay aggregates and Portland cement packaged in a convenient bag. Maximizer Concrete Mix can be used anywhere commercial ready mixed concrete is used, and it can also be used where smaller quantities are needed or hard to reach areas that prevent a ready mix truck from delivering.

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