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1 Motion Activated LED Safety/Security Room Light with USB Charger

1 Motion Activated LED Safety/Security Room Light with USB Charger

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  • $ 3999

Night light . Area light . Emergency light . Flashlight . Motion activated light . Fire alarm and CO activated evacuation light and alarm . High Quality Protection Plan:

MAX is the first SMART product designed for every room in your home that gives you “Peace of Mind” by simply plugging it in. It is that simple. Unlike, any other product, MAX provides you with Safety, Security, Power and beautiful Lighting without the complexity. MAX is packed full of SMART technologies to protect you and your family while simplifying your life every day. Every day features include adjustable ambient lighting for use as a Night Light, Hall Light, Room Light, Emergency Light or Security Light. In addition, MAX comes with a dimmable 100 Lumen LED Flashlight powered by a rechargeable battery for hours of portable use around your home or in an emergency. Additionally, MAX’s features include a Standard USB Charging Port with 2.1-Amp of AC and Battery power to conveniently charge your cell phone or tablet no matter where you are or in an emergency. MAX’s Safety and Security features include Sound Sensing technology that monitors your home for Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarms along with the sound of an intruder and alerts you by sounding a siren and lights your path to safety. The audible alarm sends out 2 frequencies that make it easier for children and the hearing impaired to hear the siren and get to safety. While in Security Mode, MAX uses a combination of Sound and Motion Sensors to provide “Intruder Detection” and Alerts.

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