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Humidifier Replacement Wick

Humidifier Replacement Wick

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  • $ 1245

Trapmax filtration technology . Honeycomb construction . Contains antimicrobial and particulate trapping treatment . Specially treated to resist mold and mildew . Outperforms the competition . Compatible with AIRCARE MA0800 . Compatible with Essick Air/MoistAIR models: MA0600, MA0601, MA0800 and MA08000 . Compatible with Kenmore models: 15408, 154080, 17006, 29706, 29988, 29880C, 758.15408, 758.154080, 758.17006, 758.29706, 758.29988, and 758.29880C

It’s simple - it’s all in the paper. Our wicks contain more paper than the competition. The quality of our paper has greater absorbency, lasts longer, and requires less energy to provide the same amount of humidification as the competition. The MAF2 wick is made on high quality control standards.

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