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Maestro 5 Amp Countdown Digital Timer with Wall Plate - White

Maestro 5 Amp Countdown Digital Timer with Wall Plate - White

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For use with incandescent and halogen bulbs only . Saves energy by automatically turning off a fan or light . Use with exhaust fans to reduce moisture, mold, and mildew in bathrooms . Use with lighting to ensure lights are never left on for a long period of time . Controls a 3 amp fan or up to 600 W/VA (5 amp) of incandescent/halogen or magnetic low-voltage lighting . Tap on to start timer; touch rocker to adjust countdown time . Wallplate Included . Timer allows you to run exhaust fan or light for 5 to 60 minutes & turns off automatically . Use the timer with exhaust fans to removes moisture, preventing mold & mildew growth and extending the life of painted surfaces . Saves energy and adds convenience to your home

The Maestro Countdown Timer helps you save money and energy by automatically turning off the lights and fans after a preset time. Using the Maestro Countdown timer on bathroom exhaust fans can reduce the chance of a costly mold problem, and timers attached to garage lights can add an extra layer of safety when you return home at night. Use the large tap switch to turn the timer on and off, and use the rocker on the side to set the timer to the desired time-out option, anywhere from 5-60 minutes. Softly lit orange LEDs indicate the time remaining before turn-off. Save energy by using the Maestro Countdown Timer in closets, attics, basements, and other low-traffic areas to ensure the light is never left on for a long time. Wallplate included.

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