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Supreme Paintable 9-oz. White Window and Door Caulk

Supreme Paintable 9-oz. White Window and Door Caulk

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Typical Paintable Silicone Uses Include: Windows, doors, siding, trim, moulding, baseboards, vents, behind sinks, around showers and for painting applications . Adheres to: Most wood, metal, vinyl siding, masonry, brick, concrete, drywall/ plaster, glass, laminate, ceramic tile and plastic. . 30 minute rain-ready . 30 minute paint-ready . Pro-Like results. Not sticky/stringy, smoothes easily, goes where it belongs . PERMANENTLY waterproof, flexible, shrink/crack proof . Meets Fed Spec TT-S-00230C, TT-S-001543A/ ASTM C-920, Type S, NS, Class 25 . Supreme Paintable Silicone works well with most water-based acrylic paints. It's not recommended with oil-based paints. If oil-based paints are used, apply an acrylic primer; test first in a small, inconspicuous area.

Less Stress. Less Mess. Exceptional Performance. No more choosing between performance and paintability - now consumers and pros can have both with GE Supreme Paintable Silicone. Supreme Paintable combines the performance of a silicone with the easy-to-apply, paintable characteristics of an acrylic caulk. It is ready fast and has a smooth texture for easy application and tooling. Supreme Paintable Silicone delivers outstanding results for any home sealing project. Because it builds strength and adhesion quickly, Window & Door Supreme Paintable Silicone can be ready for rain and other harsh weather a mere 30 minutes after application. Regardless of skill level, consumers and pros alike can achieve professional-looking, long-lasting results with Supreme Paintable Silicone. It has a smooth texture, which allows for easy shaping and smoothing, without being sticky or stringy. This makes it easier to keep caulk in the joint rather than on hands and surrounding surfaces, which creates the dreaded mess. Supreme Paintable Silicone can be applied in hot, cold or wet weather conditions. This means consumers and pros can apply the caulk at their convenience. Keeping water out of the home is a necessity for both interior and exterior sealing projects. Supreme Paintable offers an excellent defense because it is waterproof, meaning water will never break it down.

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