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11.3 lb. Type M Commercial Grade Mason Mortar Mix

11.3 lb. Type M Commercial Grade Mason Mortar Mix

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  • $ 1997

Lays up to 30 CMU blocks at 1/8 in. joint thickness . For use in laying block, brick and stone veneer; for structural and non-structural applications; recommended for above or below-grade use . May be tinted using compatible cement colors . Unique bag design allows for substantial reduction of time spent on handling materials, mixing and jobsite cleanup . High-strength type M mortar at 3240 psi, almost 2x stronger than type S . Just add water, mix and apply directly from bag . Up to 1 hour working time; once set, fast strength gain . Meets and/or exceed ASTM C1714 and C1072 for type M mortar . 3x the productivity compared to traditional mortar since less time is spent handling materials, mixing and cleaning the job-site . Substantially less water needed versus traditional mortar applications to lay an equal amount of block . Can be used for repointing brick masonry

1-2-3Mortar is a commercial grade mason mix that makes the process of block and brick lying more efficient. This pre-blended mortar comes in a multi-functional bag that acts as its own mixing and applicator tool, making your masonry project a fast, simple, clean and convenient experience. Its superior strength allows for thinner joints. Just add water.

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