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Landscape Drip Spot Watering Kit

Landscape Drip Spot Watering Kit

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  • $ 1994

Connects easily to existing 1/2 in. distribution tubing and regulated water supply source . Adds spot watering for 23 or more widely spaced plants . Applies water directly to the root zone, reduces evaporation . Easily expandable with additional tubing and fittings . Each kit contains: (10) Spot watering emitters 1 GPH, (10) Spot watering emitters 2 GPH, (1) Micro bubbler - full pattern, (2) Micro bubblers - half pattern, (2) 1/4 in. Barbed couplings, (8) 1/4 in. barbed tees, (1) Installation Tool, (10) 1/4 in. tubing stakes with bug caps, (10) 1/4 in. tubing goof plugs, 50 feet of 1/4 in. tubing . Use with faucet connection kit FCKIT-1PK (purchased separately)

The Rain Bird Landscape Drip Watering Kit includes 57 pieces to help start or expand your drip irrigation system. Ideal for flower beds, container plants as well as landscaped areas, this kit will water 23 or more widely spaced plants with direct, low volume irrigation at the root zone to reduce evaporation and keep plants healthy. Included are spot watering emitters and adjustable micro bubblers to meet different plant moisture needs and spacing. The devices are pressure compensating and can be placed in any arrangement around your planting area. The kit also comes with 50 feet of ¼ in. tubing, an assortment of connectors and stakes plus an installation tool to speed connection of barbed fittings. Requires separate purchase of faucet connection kit FCKIT-1PK and ½ in. distribution tubing if not already present in your system.

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