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10.25 in. Horses Border

10.25 in. Horses Border

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Lake forest lodge borders are packaged and sold in single spools . Lake forest lodge wallpaper is pre-pasted, immerse strip in water to activate paste for quick and easy application . Lake forest lodge wallpaper is scrubbable and easy to clean with sponge, mild soap and water . Lake forest lodge wallpaper is strippable and can be removed in dry strips from properly prepared walls

Galloping with muscled strength, manes streaming behind them, these mustangs thunder across the dry earth on curiously slender yet nimble legs. Each horse has a unique color story from glossy black, to glowing roan, to painted spots or white nose blazes. Together their strength and beauty combines into a work of art for the wall. Scenic, lush landscapes alive with natural beauty, textural elements, rustic, organic and warm for the relaxed lifestyle of the American home, these are the hallmarks of lake forest lodge.

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