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10 Hour Citronella Yellow Votive Candle (Set of 72)

10 Hour Citronella Yellow Votive Candle (Set of 72)

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10 hour citronella yellow votive candles set of 72 made in USA . Burn time: 10 hours when it is in a votive holder . Size: 1-1/2 in. diameter x 1.1/2 in. height . Available in the color yellow : paraffin wax . Made in USA

Our set of Citronella yellow Votive candles are a perfect touch to brighten up your home or garden and are available to purchase online today. Create the perfect atmosphere Perfect for your lantern or Votive holder, this set of 72 Votive candles will add the right atmosphere wherever you choose to use them. Ideal for use inside or outside your home these Citronella yellow Votive Candle with their distinctive citrus smell are wonderful to deter insects and fight the mosquito invasion. Place them around your garden for that important finishing touch to an evening barbecue or summer garden party. Try our Citronella yellow Votive candles to help fight the mosquito invasion. These are fragrances Citronella Votive candle with the 10 Hour burning Time this scented Citronella Votive Candle is made to help keep gnats, mosquito's away from your outdoor gathering, 100% hand poured.

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