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LG-3 Mini-Paw Pop-Up Impact Rotor Sprinkler

LG-3 Mini-Paw Pop-Up Impact Rotor Sprinkler

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Water Saver brass weighted PJ spray guide arm controls stream, prevents side splash onto buildings and walkways . Simple, single nozzle selection . 1/2 in bottom and side and side inlets . Covers 4,070 sq. ft. . Spray distances from 26 - 41 ft. . Stainless-steel spring for pop-up and retraction . Pressure-activated multi-function wiper seal . 3 in. high rotor extends beyond tall grass . Arc adjusts 20 - 340 degrees and pattern adjusts infinitely . Grit-proof . Double-weighted arm for throw distance

A popular tradition for underground watering systems, Rain Bird pop-up impact sprinklers are particularly noted for their dependable performance with hard water and other irrigation conditions involving heavy mineral content. Their straight-through flow design also makes them an ideal choice for use with reclaimed water which can clog and corrode other sprinklers. Rain Bird invented the original impact sprinkler and continues to lead the way with proven reliability in a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial installations. The Rain Bird Mini-Paw Pop-Up Rotor Sprinkler features a 3 in. high rotor that can clear tall grass. It can be used in low-pressure and low gallonage conditions, providing up to 4,070 sq ft. of watering coverage. The sprinkler's brass-weighted PJ spray guiding arm provides superior stream control to prevent side splash onto buildings and walkways.

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