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3/8 in. White (3) 18-Gauge Steel Square Hole Pegboard Laundry Room Organizer Kit

3/8 in. White (3) 18-Gauge Steel Square Hole Pegboard Laundry Room Organizer Kit

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Whole system holds up to 80 lbs. . System contains 2 shelves that are heavy duty and can hold garments . Epoxy coating on the steel LocBoard make them scratch resistant . Keeps laundry items organized for a clean laundry room . Locking hook system adds a valuable benefit by keeping the hooks and tools in place until you reposition them . Mounts on a wall to save floor space and keep items within reach . Hardware included for wall mounting

Laundry rooms work overtime; besides being used for laundry they are often also mudrooms and odds and ends storage areas. Whether your washer and dryer are tucked away in a tiny nook or settled in a large area, this organizer kit will let you utilize every square inch of space. Keep your workspace as simple as possible to avoid clutter. The pegboard wall boards and shelves over the washer and dryer make for a convenient storage area keeping items within site and easy to reach. Maximize your storage space by hanging large items on sturdy mounted hooks. Keep all of your ironing supplies accessible and in 1 place. A well-organized multipurpose laundry room designates separate areas not only for laundry but gift wrapping and miscellaneous storage. This system includes 3 pegboards allowing for several different mounting options and configurations. 2 Heavy duty steel shelves provide even more storage options. Also included are nine locking pegboard hooks in different styles. Contents include: (1) 31.5 in. x 9 in. Steel Square Hole Pegboard Strip (Silver); (2) 30 in. x 12 in. Steel Square Hole Pegboard Strip (Silver); (1) 12 in. x 10 in. Shelf (Silver) with Garment Hanger; (1) 12 in. x 6 in. Shelf (Silver); (3) 3 in. Single Rod 30° Bend; (3) Extended Spring Clip; (1) 5 in. Double Closed End Loop; (2) 3-3/4 in. Curved Hook; all mounting hardware.

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