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3/8 in. Black Pegboard Wall Organizer Overlay LocBoard

3/8 in. Black Pegboard Wall Organizer Overlay LocBoard

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  • $ 2672

Constructed of strontium ferrite to ensure strong bonding ability . Chlorinated polyethylene vinyl laminate surface allows tools to be easily traced . Durable, weather resistant, and hand washable with mild detergent . Commercial grade 63 lbs. pull per square feet keeps product in place when tools are removed and replaced . 13 poles per in. guarantees increased adherence . Compatible with flat steel surfaces or steel pegboards . Easy to cut and place on board

LocMat magnetic roll sheeting is a commercial grade solution for silhouetting and visually managing tools on steel LocBoards and steel pegboards. The sheets are easily cut and can be used to outline unlimited types of tools and other items. This allows the user to maximize the space on the tool board, return items to their proper place when the job is complete and quickly identify items that are missing.

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