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11,995 BTU Toekick Heater (Not Electric)

11,995 BTU Toekick Heater (Not Electric)

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  • $ 32072

3-speed switch . 1-piece chassis . Removable grill . Can be converted to a wall heater . 0.6-Amp/41-Watt . High Quality Protection Plan:

Kick-space Heaters from Smith’s Environmental Products are designed to provide a unique yet purposeful solution to those hard-to-heat areas. With four sizes to choose from, the Quiet-One 2000 Series offers great flexibility and units can be matched more precisely to the demands of the job site. The Quiet-One 2000 offers high BTU output at low decibel levels. Maximum BTU output from a small footprint is the hallmark of the Quiet-One 2000 products. This ensures maximum utilization of floor and wall space in such rooms as kitchens and baths where space is at a premium.

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