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1.4 cu. ft. Built-In Microwave in Stainless Steel

1.4 cu. ft. Built-In Microwave in Stainless Steel

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The 1.4 cu. ft. capacity provides large cooking capacity while complementing your convection oven . A high-powered, 1000-watt microwave, it allows for fast and thorough cooking . Touch-screen controls and a digital display make it simple to interact with and control the microwave . Specialty settings including Baked Potato, Popcorn, and Meal Reheat help you control how your food is cooked so it comes out delicious time after time . The stainless steel cavity extends the beauty and easy cleaning of the exterior to the interior of the microwave oven . 15.75 in. diameter turntable leaves room for most microwaveable dishes, even the larger ones . Incandescent lighting in the interior and a work surface light allow you to see what you’re preparing as well as what you’re preparing . This stunning microwave oven features Satin Textured Handles, Precision Touch Controls, and a Chrome Inlaid Frame, plus the KitchenAid Badge and KitchenAid Brand Medallion. These are only a few of the features that make for a bold blend of professionally-inspired styling with sleek touches for the home . 27 in. and 30 in. trim kits are included to help give the microwave oven the finishing touch to make it blend right into the rest of the kitchen décor . The microwave comes with a 1-year limited warranty on parts and labor, a limited 5-year warranty on certain component parts, and a 10-year limited warranty on specified factory parts of the microwave cavity and inner door. Please see the Use and Care Manual for complete details . Click Here for details on the services included with Delivery & Basic Hook-up and Installation options for this product

This high power, 1000-watt microwave can quickly and thoroughly cook all your favorite foods. The 1.4 cu. ft. capacity provides a full family-sized cooking capacity while the satin cross-hatched handles and stainless steel cavity are the perfect complement to your oven. Trim kits are included that allow you to install this microwave into a 27 in. or 30 in. cutout to pair with your wall oven or range.

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