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Dock System Hardware Installation Kit B Basic U Shaped Dock Hardware

Dock System Hardware Installation Kit B Basic U Shaped Dock Hardware

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Designed to build U shaped dock configuration . Designed for use with High Quality supplied 1 1/2 in. thick lumber -min. width 6 ft. . All hardware is mounted with 3/8" carriage bolts . PermaFloat compatible . All male and female dock to dock connections are made with 3/4 in. bolts with lock nuts or 3/4 in. connecting pins . Needs-compatible dock design allows for individuality . Commercial gage galvanized dock hardware insures long product life . PermaFloat Wood Dock Plans help determine hardware requirements . Manufactured in U.S.A . Single kit configuration adapted to specific docking requirements . Single item parts available for individual purchase . Dock size may be altered by purchase of additional dock components . Door to dock delivery direct from High Quality supplier . PermaFloat product performance guarantee . Complete line of dock protection bumpers guards and corners available

Dock hardware kit for self assembly of dock configurations in a "U" format. Add Permafloat dock floatation and lumber as determined in specifications. PermaFloat Float Drums offer durable flotation that can be easily applied to any new or existing dock system. This includes wood, steel and aluminum docks. PermaFloats are rotational molded, eliminating seams that could result in long term separation and leakage. The shell is .150 inches thick and manufactured of tough virgin polyethylene with imbedded ultraviolet inhibitors. This tough durable outer shell protects your dock system from the damaging effects of sun, saltwater and freshwater, debris, oil, gas, marine organisms and pollutants. Army Corp of Engineers approved PermaFloat drums are filled with CFC/HCFC free expanded polystyrene, providing positive uniform flotation. Designed for ease of installation.

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