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Recirculating Kit for Dekor Glass 30 in. x 36 in. Range Hoods Using 8 in. Ducting

Recirculating Kit for Dekor Glass 30 in. x 36 in. Range Hoods Using 8 in. Ducting

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Heavy duty steel deflector is installed in upper duct cover, directing clean air to the metal grates in the duct cover for reintroduction into the kitchen . Long-life carbon filter removes smoke and odors, 1 included . Arietta carbon filters are designed for repeated cleaning and the easy clip system makes removal, cleaning and reinstallation simple and quick . The carbon filter should be replaced every 120 hours of operation (average 1 year), a carbon filter saturation alarm automatically tracks usage and warns the owner when the filter should be replaced . One (1) year parts and labor warranty - Arietta will provide all labor and in-home service to replace any defective parts . IMPORTANT - For use with 8 in. Ducting ONLY. For 6 in. Ducting, use KIT 0102876 . IMPORTANT - Dekor Glass hood comes with a 6 in. duct transition. This Recirculation KIT should ONLY be purchased if using 8 in. Ducting plus planning to convert the Dekor Glass duct transition from 6 in. round up to 8 in. round

The Dekor Glass Recirculating System is an excellent alternative to the expense and challenges associated with installing ducting. Dirty air is pulled through the high efficiency grease and carbon filter, which remove grease, oils, moisture, smoke, odors and heat. Finally the freshly cleaned air is reintroduced back into the kitchen through metal grates in the duct cover. Arietta's high efficiency carbon filter is long life and designed for repeated washing. Removal, cleaning and reinstallation of the grease and carbon filter is a snap.

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