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5 in. 16-Grit Sanding Discs (3-Pack)

5 in. 16-Grit Sanding Discs (3-Pack)

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  • $ 320

Suitable for surface finishing, deburring and cleaning ferrous material, fiberglass, copper and other materials . Easy mounting on all popular stationary disc sanders . Exceptionally good for both rough and fine sanding on flat and irregular surfaces . Made with the highest quality aluminum oxide grains, heavy-duty vulcanized fiber-cloth backing and heat-resistant resin

The Lincoln Electric 5 in. 16-Grit Sanding Discs (3-Pack) are designed for compatibility with portable right-angle grinders. They can be used to remove surface imperfections, rust and oxides. High-elasticity resinoid helps prevent grains from dislodging.

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