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Architect Series II 30 in. Ceramic Glass Electric Cooktop in Black with 4 Elements including EvenHeat Elements

Architect Series II 30 in. Ceramic Glass Electric Cooktop in Black with 4 Elements including EvenHeat Elements

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Cooktop features a 12 in./9 in. Ultra-Power double-ring 3000/1900-watt element; a 10 in. Even Heat Ultra 3200-watt element with Even-Heat Simmer; a 6 in. Even Heat Simmer 1300-watt element and a 6 in. 1200-watt element for cooking flexibility . Right side dial controls are easy to use and access . Even-Heat Ultra element with Even-Heat Simmer provides more versatility for high and low temperature cooking techniques. Even-Heat Technology maintains a constant supply of power without hot or cool spots and delivers a range of simmer settings . Premium ceramic-glass surface -- subtle design and easy cleaning . Cooktop-On and Hot-surface indicators. Hot-surface indicator light illuminates when the cooktop surface is still hot to the touch, even after the heating element has been turned off, for added safety . Ultra-Power double-ring element lets you use different cookware sizes at one location. When using large, 12 in. cookware the entire element surface is used. For smaller cookware, you’ll use only the 9 in. inner element . Even-Heat element with Even-Heat Melt combines the benefits of Even-Heat Technology with a dedicated setting that reaches the low temperatures needed to melt chocolate or butter without scorching . Architect Series II. Sleek, clean lines for a modern look . Limited 1-year, plus a limited 5-year parts only warranty on select component parts, please see warranty for details . Product available for home delivery only. Installation is not offered at time of delivery; check with your local The High Quality store for installation options

Even-Heat Technology allows this KitchenAid Architect Series II 30 in. electric cooktop to deliver consistent power without hot spots and cool areas for exceptional results. A large, 10-in. Even-Heat element can deliver up to 3200 watts of power and features a range of simmer settings. A 6-in. Even-Heat element has a range of ultra-low melt settings. And an Ultra-Power double-ring element gives you added versatility.

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