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47 in. 560-Watt Cove Heater

47 in. 560-Watt Cove Heater

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  • $ 13722

Smart limit protection . Dual open coil element . C-frame motor . Squirrel cage blower . High Quality Protection Plan:

The cove heater is primarily a radiant heater but also produces convection heat by heating the air similar to a baseboard. By combining the quick comfort of radiant heating along with the sustained warmth of convection heat, warm air is uniformly dispersed throughout the room. The cove heater is mounted a minimum of 4 in. from the ceiling, keeping it out of the way and eliminating any furniture placement problems. It is much lower in surface temperature than a baseboard fan heater, making it a very pleasant for of heat similar to older ceiling cable heating systems. With no moving parts, this heater is quiet and maintenance-free. Typical uses are day care centers, assisted living housing, housing developments, laundry rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and shops. Use any place a heater is needed where placement too low on the wall is inappropriate or soft heat is preferred. King recommends using a wall thermostat (Single Pole Kit: KCVT-1; Double Pole Kit: KCVT-2).

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