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36 in. Gas Cooktop in Stainless Steel with 5 Burners including Professional Dual Tier, Torch and Simmer Burners

36 in. Gas Cooktop in Stainless Steel with 5 Burners including Professional Dual Tier, Torch and Simmer Burners

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Versatile cooktop features a 20000-BTU Professional Dual Tier burner, a 12000-BTU burner, 10000 EvenHeat Torch burner, a 7000-BTU burner, 6000-BTU EvenHeat Simmer burner for the ultimate in cooking flexibility . Front center control's metal control knobs deliver a premium look and feel that reflects the quality that is built into the cooktop . 20000-BTU Professional Dual Ring Burner allows you to go from one small flame for precise simmering to a dual flame for powerful boiling, all on the same burner . Full-width cast-iron grates enhance the beautiful look of the cooktop and allow easy movement of cookware around the entire cooking surface . CookShield Finish helps keep your cooktop looking new and bright. CookShield preserves stainless steel by protecting it from staining, discoloration and yellowing, while making even baked-on soils easier to clean . Dishwasher safe grates to help keep your cooktop looking like new . Lighted knobs. A ring of white light beneath the knob will illuminate to indicate that the corresponding burner is in use . Electronic ignition and automatic reignition lights burners with an electric spark instead of a pilot light. For more reliable performance, burners are relit if the flame is blown out . Even-Heat 10000-BTU Torch Burner features an exclusive design that provides a small flame for delicate simmering and a larger one that distributes high heat across the whole pan for more even cooking . Sealed Burners. Enjoy minimal cleanup with sealed burners. They prevent food from dropping down into the burner area and create an even, stable flame for efficient cooking . Removable griddle provides a one-piece flat surface that can be used on the right, left, or center of the cooktop surface, and is ideal for making a range of dishes from crepes to quesadillas . Cooktop is factory set for use with Natural gas. If you wish to use Liquid Propane (LP), call a licensed professional to install the LP gas conversion kit (included) . Limited 1 year warranty, plus a limited 5-years, parts only warranty on sealed burners . Product available for home delivery only. Installation is not offered at time of delivery; check with your local The High Quality store for installation options

Five burners and a removable griddle give this KitchenAid 36 in. gas cooktop the power and versatility challenging recipes demand. The 20000-BTU Dual-Tier Ultra Burner is among the most powerful in the industry, and our innovative Even-Heat Torch burner provides even coverage to ensure proper heating without scorching. Metal control knobs and the scratch-resistant CookShield finish help protect the surface against discoloration that may occur with high-temperature cooking. And you can enjoy all these features even more knowing this cooktop is manufactured right here in the USA.

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