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12 oz. Prizmacoat Killer Cans Spray Paint

12 oz. Prizmacoat Killer Cans Spray Paint

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High output - double normal aerosol spray paints . Larger spray fan and excellent atomization . No pressure drop during application . Time and labor savings - no paint mixing - no spray gun preparation or cleaning . Material savings - complete use of paint - high transfer efficiency - no cleanup thinner . Application savings - less overspray-cleaning and polishing time

Alsa’s Prizmacoat contains a unique pigment additive which is invisible in low light or shade, but explodes into a myriad of colors and hues when viewed in sunlight or under direct incandescent light. This material can produce a wide variety of looks depending on the base coat color. Since all colors stand out against black, a black base coat will give the truest color of the actual pigment, but other color base coats will work too, and can produce some amazing effects. It can also be used over chrome or even glass! Refracts light into all 7 primary colors, just like a TRUE Prism. Multiple looks achievable, depending on base coat color. Will work on almost any surface, as it is just a dusting of prizmatic pigment. About our Killer Cans - Killer cans are not your ordinary aerosol cans. They are slightly larger than a standard aerosol, having 12 ounces each. Each can should do about 10 sq. ft. of coverage, and that is at one coat. They are pressurized a little more than a regular can, so they spray nice and even. The tip is also special. These cans spray in a FAN pattern, just like an actual paint gun, giving you an amazingly smooth finish, that is as close to a spray gun as possible. (Most aerosols spray in a “cone” pattern, that can make over applying, and getting runs easy). The tip may also be adjusted, so that the “fan” of paint coming out is either horizontal or vertical, allowing for complete control.

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